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Bittorrent Client

A basic client for KolibriOS written in assembly language

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Introduction to KolibriOS

KolibriOS is tiny yet powerful operating system that can run with few megabytes of disk and 8MB of RAM. It boots in less than 10 seconds. It is completely written in FASM assembly language which is the reason for such small memory footprint and tremendous speed.

One can read more about KolibriOS here. KolibriOS has an active community support. Developers are available on IRC channel #KolibriOS on freenode server.

Introduction to Bittorrent Client

Bittorrent client is an application that helps to perform peer to peer file sharing using Bittorrent Protocol
Bittorrent client runs on every machine which is involved in downloading/uploading files among peers.


Bittorrent Client project has been carried out as part of Google Summer of Code 2016 program under KolibriOS organization. Click here for more details.

Important Resources

For developement purpose, look at unoffical specification of Bittorrent Protocol here

For understanding overall developement process, visit Kristen Widman's awesome blog.

For more information and queries, visit KolibriOS's forum

You can find my GSoC Proposal Here

List of commits

This project is carried out under category 'New Feature'. So it has its independent repository.

Here is list of commits I made , over period of 3 months of my GSoC Project.

Overall Directory Structure

All the code files have been kept directly under the main repository

Torrent Code Files and their significance

These files are heart of bit-torrent project.